Precision Plastic Compounding for Quality Thermoplastic Polymers

There is an increasing demand for more quality plastic products. As a result manufacturers have added process innovations in the manufacture of the products that adhere to these quality standards. One of the most popular processes used in achieving the desired quality and characteristics is that of plastics compounding.

This generally involves the use of a series of additives in order to increase the quality of the plastic products towards a desired end. Based on the area where the thermoplastic polymers are to be used, manufacturers will use additives such as the SAN, ABS, PA, and PP amongst others. For example, through the use of select additives, it will be possible to achieve the desired texture, colors, strength and many other qualities.

The process does vary from one plant to another but companies that have specialized in the process generally produce better quality plastic products. The main step in plastics compounding which are used by the thermoplastic polymer manufacturers involve the conveying of the additive pellets to the molten polymer material.


Once the mixing occurs, it will be taken through several blending procedures in order to refine the quality thermoplastic polymer compounding of the elastomer materials. Once the additives have been incorporated into the polymer base material, it will be possible to achieve a uniquely uniform and homogenous plastics compounding that produces the top quality plastic products which are durable and highly desirable in the marketplace.

The plastic compounding or the mixing of the polymers with the additives occurs when the polymers are in a highly viscous form during their melting phase. This is a highly delicate process that needs to be carried out using highly specialized tools by professional process compounding engineers in order to achieve the desired quality in the thermoplastic elastomers.

The mixing must occur in a coordinated manner with the right flow rate in order to achieve the desired quality of the thermoplastic polymers. The best companies employ plastic compounding techniques that allow for flexibility in the compounding process. They invest in the feeding solutions and technologies that can be used even in the most complex of applications.

Additional processing can bring in more qualities in the product such as the reduction of the flammability. Once all the processing has been done, the compounded material can afterwards be extruded in the form of pellets which are ready for sale.

Where to find the best thermoplastic polyolefin compound manufacturers in Australia

In Australia, you can entrust your plastics compounding needs to S&E Specialty Polymers ( The company has specialized in the custom compounding of some of the best plastic products in the industry. The company’s knowledge and specialty in the industry is such that they are currently capable of compounding with virtually all kinds of fillers and additives out there.

If you need flame resistant polymers, you will certainly appreciate the company’s flame-retardant plastic compounds which have been manufactured with incredible reliability. The result is plastic products which exhibit all the desirable qualities that you need such as superior dispersion properties, the even distribution of additives, along with a high level of loading for the fillers and additives into your plastic compounds.

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