Automobile Revolution – The Kia Cars

In this modern age, a car has become more of a basic need than a luxury. This is because people are required to cover long distances because of their commitments to work and are continuously finding it convenient, creating the need for personal car. In fact, the Detroit Bureau reports that by March 2016, the sale of cars increased  by 21%. The same story was reported by other auto dealers in Brisbane noting an 11% rise in profit on car sales. Due to the growing demand for personal cars, manufacturers have taken advantage to provide vehicles of different ranges to satisfy the needs of consumers. It’s easy for a person looking forward to purchasing a car to be spoilt for choice given the plethora of vehicles in different brands in the market. One brand that is doing extremely well in the Australian roads is the Kia. These vehicles are praised for exuding uniqueness, competence on the roads, great designs and are most popularly known as good utilizers of technology. Not to mention there is a wide range of kia such as Kia rio specials in the Australian market with the manufacturers producing new models almost on a yearly basis.

kia rio specials


There is a wide range of new Kia cars in the Australian market. Some of them include the Kia Rio, the Kia soul, Kia cerato, Kia sportage among many others. Most of the time, it’s the taste and need of the consumer that will guide them to the Kia car that will answer well to their vehicle needs. Most of the models have great demand in the market, but it’s the sportage, optima and Kia Rio specials that have the most popularity.

Customer service policy

There is no doubt that the kia range of cars have revolutionized the automobile industry leading the pack as their competitors follow.  This is because they offer great features and great pricing on their models. Additionally, the great performance models such as Kia Cerato exude on the roads has served to attract customers to the brand. Some of the attractive features that lure customers to models such as Kia Rio specials include long warranties up to five years. Then there is roadside assistance, a feature that comes with Kia cars such that in the event that your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, just by beckoning help from the nearest dealers an expert will be spent to the spot. This is usually given for the first 12 months.

Maintaining the car

There are special offers at service centers with many offering affordable pricing with discounts. Also the vehicles have great technology, and therefore, require very minimal service requirements. There are also other great maintenance packages you can find at a service center for your Kia Cerato Brisbane dealers sell, such as tyre repairing and replacement services with only genuine Kia parts.

With this information on Kia cars, it’s up to you to consider the need you have and then visit a dealer to help you find the best model to serve your needs.

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